Romanian Cuisine

Romanians are connoisseurs of food and if you are a foodie, you are bound to enjoy Romanian cuisine. Our meals always end with a lovely dessert, chosen from a list of extraordinary cakes. If you were to understand what a Romanian typically likes to eat, you would need to think of the taste of bread, eaten hot from the oven, with a piece of smoked lard or bacon and an onion, washed down later with a glass of palinca or tuica (a fruit brandy generally made from plums).

Food & Cuisine in Romania

The food found in Romania is wholesome and nourishing. The diet usually includes thick vegetable soups, meat stews and customary dishes such as cabbage stuffed with rice and meat, and pancakes with cheese and raisins. Pork is the favorite meat in the whole country and regarding fish, trout and crap are popular.
Home made wines and the "tuica" (plum brandy) are also produced in Romania.

The major cities also have international restaurants which serve Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Greek, Turkish or French food. Global fast food giants like Mc'Donalds and KFC are also present in Romania. These outlets are considered mid to high end restaurants in Romania and you will find the cleanliness and quality of food served here far better than what is served in more developed countries.

Street Food in Romania

Romanian street food consists of chocolate, cheese, apple and strawberry doughnuts and pretzels. There are special places that make pretzels called "Simigerii" (singular: simigerie). 

Try the kebab, shawarma, or souflaki if you want non-Romanian food. 

Typical Romanian Cuisine

The main dishes of Romania include the following:

Sarmale - meat cooked in wine or cabbage leaves 

Mici - a traditional Romanian dish made of grilled meat (minced) rolls flavoured with spices and served with mustard.

Ciorba de Burta - soup made from the cow's stomach (tripe).

Bulz - a dish found only in Transylvania, made of cheese with polenta (dish made of boiled corn meal).

Papanasi - a traditional dessert in Transylvania made of cheese dumplings rolled in breadcrumbs and sugar. Absolutely delicious!