EcoMarathon, Moeciu de Sus - May 

The Ecomarathon is a 42 km race which runs round the hills and mountains of Moeciu de Sus. There is also a cross competition of 14 km and a kids race on different age levels.The first edition took place in 2009. Since then, the EcoMarathon has become widely famous and expected with great excitement from both the participants and the villagers. More info on

Nedeia Munților, Fundata - July
Nedeia Muntilor is a pastoral celebration, also known in the past as the “fair of two countries”, held in Fundata, on the border between Transilvania and Wallachia. The festival is organized on St. Ilie´s day, according to the Orthodox calendar. The main idea behind the festival is bringing back the romanian traditional fair from the area or Rucar – Bran cross, looking also to presenting the customs and traditions of Fundata. 

Pantelimonului Fair, Bran - August

Craftsmen fair celebrated on Pantelimon day is a medieval privilege given to the Bran people. The fair has been kept alive over the time, even during communism when it was more difficult. The fact that it is still organized on St Pantelimon's day, according to the Russian calendar, it´s a  proof of how far back in time the celebration goes. 

Vlahia Inn Folk Festival, Moeciu de Sus - August

The first edition of the folk music festival took place back in 2010.  As part of the programme, there is also a contest part, for young talents, addressed to children. 
The celebration lasts for 4 days. 
The access is free.

The cheese and sheep pemmican festival "Ravasitul Oilor", Bran - September

"Ravasitul oilor" is a symbolical celebration which marks the end of the pastoral year.
After descending from the mountains with the flocks of sheep, the shepherd will repart each villager his own flock, the cheese he produced from the sheep milk during the summer and the villagers will pay him the service as agreed. On this occasion, on the last Sunday of September or the first Sunday from October, people use to celebrate this in Bran. 

Fire of Sumedru, Moeciu de Sus - October

Just before winter comes, on St Dumitru's day, the inhabitants of Sirnea, Fundata and Moeciu celebrate "Focul lui Sumedru". This consists in lighting a big fire, when night falls, usually on top of a hill, so it can be seen from great distances, offering a unique show. Weeks before the celebration, the children in the village meet daily and gather dry pines from the woods. During the celebration women in the village give children a treat for their effort.  Sumedru's fire is a funerary rite with pagan roots, celebrating death and rebirth through incineration. 
Halloween at Bran Castle - October
Night tour of Bran Castle. ”Nosferatu” projection. Halloween After Party with evil fairies and vampires who will bewitch the weak hearted. 
Bloody cocktails, bloody people, bloody damn good music and super visuals!
Put your make-up on, iron your costume and join us for the best party possible in Transylvania!
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