Ecological Tourism

Dedicated to Responsible Tourism.

We promote responsible tourism in the Brasov area and sustain the small communities, in harmony with nature. We recommend journeys that come out of the ordinary and we invite you to discover intriguing places in Transylvania. We challenge you to meet new people, learn from new experiences and contribute in a positive way to the rural community you will visit.

We support rural communities and encourage local development projects.

Our touristic offers take place in the rural community of 
Moeciu de Sus. Here, together with the local people, we develop plans of revival of the ancient customs and traditions and ecological conservation programmes. We collaborate and sustain local manufacturers, we employ local guides and book accommodation in local people guesthouses.

We encourage eco tourism and promote the concept "leave no traces".
Our trips take place in protected Romanian habitats, where the
impact of the people who get to visit these areas should be minimized. We believe that nature harmony must be protected through recycling and usage of eco-friendly transport means, such as bicycles. We periodically organize cleaning days, for keeping the village nice and clean.
We also value slow food and ecological products characteristic to Romanian cuisine, paying the fair price to local farmers.

We believe in the power of example. 

We are lovers of nature, art and culture, therefore we are convinced that through education and the power of example we can share with you, our visitors, the care and respect for nature.