Places of interest in Bran-Moeciu area


Brasov is the closest big city to Moeciu de Sus, at 35 km distance and is one of the greatest and most beautiful cities in Romania. Among its touristical attractions: the old medieval town center, the Black Church (14th century), the Council Square, Sforii Street (17th century) – one of the narrowest streets in Europe, the first Romanian School (15th century), Saint Nicolas Church (13th century), Schei Gate (19th century), St. Catherine Gate (16th century), Tampa massif and the cable car which goes up the top from where one can enjoy spectacular views of Brasov, the Orthodox Cathedral and the Republicii Street, which is the main pedestrian street, with terraces, cafes, bars, restaurants, shops.


Sinaia, on the Prahova Valley, on the other side of the Bucegi mountains, 60 km away from the village, counts with a monastery which was built in 1695 and the Peles and Pelisor Castles, old residence of the Romanian monarchy. The Peles and the Pelisor castles are unique works of art and one of the last fairy tales castles in Europe. A must see and absolutely reccommendable site.

"La Chișătoare" Waterfall

The waterfall is settled on the way that links Moeciu de Jos with Moeciu de Sus and it is a bio geological reservation. On the shore of the Turcu river blench 2 small springs which run down a cliff forming a waterfall of 5 – 10 m. During the winter the waterfall freezes which results into a spectacular scenery.


8 km distance from Moeciu de Sus, there is the village of Fundata, the highest settlement in Romania – 1360 m altitude. From here one can admire the spectacular views towards both the Bucegi and the Piatra Craiului massives.


The Libearty Bear Sanctuary, found on the road that connects Zarnesti to Rasnov, was opened to the public in May 2014. The rescue bear project started in 2005 and in time the sanctuary became one of the largest bear reserves in Europe. The sanctuary occupies a surface of 30 wooded hectares, where 78 bears rescued from unhealthy environments live.

Wolf Park Adventure - the Zarnesti adventure park. You can find the park at the Zarnesti exit towards Poiana Marului. In the park there are 4 trails with progressive difficulty levels and 6 tyroleans. All along the trails there are info panels speaking about the flora and fauna of the area and the importance of nature. 


Bran, the star of the Brasov area, is settled 12 km away from Moeciu de Sus. It is mostly famous for the count Dracula Castle, but it shelters a few more interesting spots: an Etnographic Museum which lies next to the castle gardens and which consists of 16 houses built in different traditional architectural styles from Bran area, and a small chapell  which used to shelter the heart of Queen Mary of Romania. 


Sighisoara, the best conserved medieval town which is also a UNESCO heritage site, lies 150 km form the village. Its romantic, medieval aspect, the stone walls, the Clock Tower, the Church on the Hill, the Monastery Church and the birth house of Vlad the Impaler make it one of the most appreciated touristical sites in Romania.


20 km away from Moeciu de Sus there lies the city of Rasnov. The most appealing site to visit here is the Cetatea Rasnov, a precious citadel built by peasants during  the 15th century, on a hill which oversees the city and which used to serve as a defending position for Rasnov. Still, in Rasnov you can find much more interesting things to see and do. Valea Cetatii Cave, with an impressive acoustic, which led to classical music concerts being organized here each Saturday and Rasnoava Gorges, a beautiful canyon perfect for outdoor activities: bungee jumping, mountain biking, trekking trails.

Bucegi Natural Park 

The village of Moeciu de Sus is also the border of the Bucegi Natural Park, one of the most important natural reservations in Romania. The mountain area of Bucegi offers a large range of hiking routes. The Bucegi Natural Park is home to various wild animal species, such as: bears, wolves, wild cats, wild goats, wild pigs, foxes.


Dambovicioara is a village from Arges county, on the border with Brasov county, 32 km distance from Moeciu de Sus. After crossing the village, you will discover the Dambovicioara Gorges, a wild and unique canyon which can be crossed either by foot or by car. The Dambovicioara Gorges are also the passage way to the Dambovicioara Cave, a jurassic age cave, formed in limestone.